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The risks of Bitcoin trading

The risks of trading bitcoin, in fact, we find that everyone in the forex market or forex trading knows that the forex market is distinguished from other markets by its high legacy and high liquidity, which is characterized by the addition of constant volatility and instability, and the fact that the trading that is linked to the Internet, concerns can be multiplied in the mechanism Trading in terms of the technologies used and the speed of execution of various deals and orders, as well as the broker's response to the mechanisms required for orders, thanks to that the world has become today in the era of technological and informational renaissance.

There is no doubt that forex trading has spread very quickly in the most recent period around the world due to making a large profit in a short period of time, and that forex trading is no less than gold trading, currency trading, metals trading or oil trading, as forex trading examines Significant trader profits, provided he has experience and works according to a forex trading strategy.

Forex trading differs from the rest of the other types of transactions, as everyone knows that the participants in the forex market are primarily large commercial banks through which basic operations take place and under orders from companies active in export or import.

As well as institutional investors, insurance companies, individual investors and other institutions, knowing that the funds invested by major banks in daily volume reach a very large number of billions of first banks, knowing that the main part of banks profits only result from speculation in the single currency.

. This is the case with regard to brokerage offices that play the role of mediator between a large number of banks and commercial centers as well as cash and other funds, in addition to all that banks and brokerage companies do not stop at buying and selling currency rates above all, but they work on their endeavor, which can be Banks and brokerage firms to influence the price stabilization process and market activities, for which experts call on market makers.