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How to exploit support and resistance points in Bitcoin trading

The method of exploiting the support and resistance points in Bitcoin trading gives the line of contact resistance candles to the investor an expectation, after it has decreased, which requires the initiation of the process of selling currencies that are in the state of the approaching resistance line, with a foot placed on the purchase of non-currencies directly in this case.

In the case of the call to the support line of the candles, it is expected to rise to the top, forcing the investor to initiate the process of buying the currency while it is approaching the support line, with a foot placed on the process to sell indirect currencies in this case.

In fact, we find that everyone in the forex market knows that the forex market is distinguished from other huge markets and high liquidity, which is characterized by continuous increase in volatility and instability, and the fact that trading is linked to the Internet, concerns about the trading mechanism of the hand techniques used and the speed of execution of various deals and orders can be multiplied.

How to exploit support and resistance points in Bitcoin trading

The broker also responds to the mechanisms required for orders, and thanks to that, the world today is in an era of technological and informational renaissance, which makes it serve online trading thanks to the close connection between them.

As it plays the spread of the Internet and the advancement in the use of technology and the availability of various effective and necessary software in the trading process, which reduces its risks, but in return it keeps some risks latent in the investors in this market.

This is the case with regard to brokerage offices that play the role of mediator between a large number of banks and commercial centers as well as cash and other funds.

In addition to all that, banks and brokerage companies do not stop at buying and selling currency rates above all, but they work on their endeavors, which could be banks and brokerage offices to influence the process of fixing prices and market activities, which experts pay to call in their name the market makers.