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How is Bitcoin extension calculated? The method used in the process of calculating the value of the extension, or what is known as rolling fees, is to rely on the interest rate between the two currencies in the currency pair used in the transaction, as the value differs from one transaction to the next.

Depending on its type of swap deal, selling the US dollar against the yen is no different from the fee for the purchase of two pairs of Canadian dollars against the Japanese yen, indicating that the cost of the rollover depends on the interest rates of the currencies.

How is Bitcoin extension calculated?

In the rollover period any variable also, in the event that there is a rolling deal to buy a particular currency pair when the first currency is the greatest benefit of the second currency, the brokerage firm will add to his account where the investor gets in this case, the increase is not a debit.

And vice versa, if I had a rolling sale, but if the investor had a deal to buy a certain currency pair, the interest on the first currency was less than the interest in the second c in foreign currency, it would be deducted from his account and vice versa in the event that there was a deal to sell for the same pair.

The importance of rollover in the forex market
As we have mentioned repeatedly in previous articles, the forex market differs from other financial markets in terms of the method of trading, as well as trading, volume of transactions, possibility of buying and selling in addition to that it has many features that make it in the leadership position among the financial markets and the most liquid, however.

On the other hand, and at the same time, it is distinguished from other frequent movements and fluctuations, as it is assumed that following this market does not ignore any of the matters related to this market and in what we find, including the cost of carry trade, which is one of the important things in the trading process and perhaps We see some traders, especially beginners, who neglected and made some mistakes that could cost them a lot due to lack of knowledge of most of the various and varied trading things.