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Bitcoin trading philosophy

Bitcoin trading philosophy There is no doubt that forex trading has spread very quickly in the most recent period around the world due to making a large profit in a short period of time, and that forex trading is no less than gold trading, currency trading, metals trading or oil trading. Forex trading examines the trader's substantial profits, provided he has experience and works according to a forex trading strategy.

The subject of this article is the philosophy of trading in the forex market, knowing that the definition of the word philosophy is a fundamental thing in this topic, in addition to the knowledge of the largest and most important philosophers who were able to leave their mark in this science, who described the father of science, where we will try to delve into more depth in the principles that We inherited it when these philosophers were also trying to find ways to revitalize the philosophy in trading in the Forex market.

The origin of the word philosophy is Greek, which means that the owner of wisdom, the wisdom of important things in all areas of life, which cannot be dispensed with, as it is based on a set of laws enacted by the philosophers Hellenes and Aristotle on the tactical approach, which is the ability to ask questions in order to learn from Back to try to answer it discussed.

Where he spoke in his book The Principles of Plato's Republic, who believes in using the personality of Socrates, Plato, as Socrates, however, Plato's professor, William of mankind has no writings, prompting Plato to do his duty towards his teacher who represents in writing these dialogues and discussions where he showed exceptional ability To ask questions.

Those who have already laid the foundations of logical reasoning are Aristotle, where he founded the law of non-contradiction and the law of identity or the scoop of the third subjectivity and the law that was raised, where in the evening, the toxicity of this name due to walking in the courtyards of the temple with his mentor while receiving knowledge, who was followed by the great philosopher who disturbed himself To translate and explain his ideas when he was Ibn Rushd, where he excelled and excelled, which contributed to the great fame of Aristotle.